Tahiti is the largest in the Windward Island group of French Polynesia, within the Society Islands archipelago of the Southern Pacific Ocean.

This island formed from a volcano and is mountainous and famous for black sand beaches.

It is surrounded by coral reefs.

Tahiti is divided into two parts, the bigger northwestern Tahiti Nui and the smaller southeastern Tahiti Iti.

It is French colony with a population of almost 200,000, the cultural and political centre of French Polynesia.

The capital Pape’ete is on the northwest coast, with Fa’a’ā International Airport located near Papeete.

Polynesians represent about 70 per cent of the population, with the rest being European, Chinese and mixed heritage.

French is the official language, although Tahitian is widely spoken.

Tahiti’s currency is the French Pacific Franc, pegged to the Euro at 1 CFP = EUR .0084. Local hotels and financial institutions offer exchange services.

While Tahiti is an interesting destination in itself, it is today often just a stopover point for people visiting the surrounding islands such as Bora Bora, reached by regular flights from Pape’ete.

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Tahiti and its islands are famous for over-water accommodation
Tahiti’s islands are famous for over-water accommodation. Pic: Mayumi Ishikawa/flkr

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